Monday, April 25, 2011

A Bridal Shower Remembered

It's hard believe that my most favorite cousin Sarah has been married for two years. I, along with my mom and another cousin, hosted a bridal shower for her in the month of May 2009. The theme for her wedding centered around the color of her eyes, a gorgeous shade of blue, and her favorite flower, the hydrangea.

This is the guest table. We asked every attendee to bring a favorite recipe that we would add to the recipe box I created. We also asked everyone to monogram a piece of fabric. The fabric squares will be turned into a special gift when Sarah has a munchkin.

I created the couple's monogram from foam core nad artificial hydrangeas. These took a lot of hot glue.

For table centerpieces, I got round cylinder vases and put a blue ribbon around them. I got big bunches of white carnations. I then glittered the initials to insert into each bouquet.

As gifts for each attendee, I made bath salts. Instead of paper napkins, I monogrammed 24 dinner napkins which I them laundered and gave to Sarah the Christmas following her wedding.


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