Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sea Glass Art

I found this project on Madigan Made and just had to do it myself. She has a great tutorial, but here's how I did it.

I got an 11 x 14 frame and took a piece of mat board cut to size and covered it with sand.

I got four bags of glass gems from Dollar Tree in blue and clear. So I poured all those in a bowl and started to lay them all out on the frame.

You'll want to lay all the glass gems out before you start ot glue them down. I tried to make a wavy look. So you've got the sand and the water.

I then glued them all down with E6000.

I have a scallop shell to add to the corner of the frame as soon as I find it.


Anonymous said...

Veri Pretty.

Sally said...

Very very pretty... I like this idea so much, I'm going to use it for the fireplace hearth.

Jaime said...

I toasted you today!!

Nails by Gina said...

Very Pretty! I would love to make this and put it in my bathroom. Did you put a sheet of glass in then glue the gems to the glass right??

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