Thursday, March 3, 2011

Repurposed Table Top Chalkboard Project

This piece of wood used to be the top of one of those bedside tables that you cover with a skirt. Well, it collapsed under the weight of my Martha Stewart magazines.

So stipped the brackets for the legs off the bottom and apinted it with several coats of chalkboard paint.

I then found these 2 wooden cut-outs that looked like summer. And painted them bright blue.

I then drilled two holes in the round board and put ribbon through them to hang it on the door. I painted the wooden cut-outs to give them more definition. Glued those to the board. And added a screw eye with a ribbon and a piece of chalk tied to it.

This will hangon the front door of our summer house. The chalkboard will give us a way to leave messages for friends and for them to leave us messages as well.

Better than throwing that table away.

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Kelley said...

Great job! I have the same table and it exploded in the middle of the night. Well maybe not exploded, but if you have one you know what I mean. LOL. Anywho, this is a great idea, thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

This is such a cute idea. I love chalkboard paint.


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